A Large Horizon 2020 Grant for developing Zero Emission Geothermal Power Plants


CarbFix is excited to announce that Reykjavík Energy along with a group of 17 partners across Europe have received a EUR 16 Million grant from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovative programme. The funding contributes to the GECO project, GECO standing for "Geothermal Emission Control". The project will advance the provision of cleaner and cost-effective geothermal energy across Europe and the World with reduced emissions of carbon and sulphur.

The GECO project is largely based on the CarbFix method.

GECO aims to increase public acceptance and generalize the CarbFix method. To that end, the re-injection method will be applied in four distinct geothermal systems in four European countries:

  1. a high temperature basaltic reservoir in Iceland;
  2. a high temperature gneiss reservoir in Italy;
  3. a high temperature volcano-clastic reservoir in Turkey; and
  4. a low temperature sedimentary reservoir in Germany

The Project Co-Ordinator is Reykjavik Energy and project office is GEORG cluster. 

Grant number is: 818169

At a Glance

GECO aims to develop near Zero Emission Geothermal Power Plants
Project Co-Ordinator: Reykjavik Energy, Iceland
Project Office: GEORG, Iceland.
18 partner companies, Universities and Research Institutes
9 Countries: France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom
Icelandic partners: Orka náttúrunnar (ON), University of Iceland, ISOR and GEORG cluster
Project duration: 4 years, 95 annual work units.
Total Horizon 2020 funding: EUR 16 Million

For more information, please take a look at the press release below.