Application of the CarbFix method for large industrial emitters


Today a Letter of Intent (LOI) for exploring further exploitation of the CarbFix method for large emitters in Iceland was signed in Reykjavík.

The aim is to thoroughly investigate whether the CarbFix method can become a viable option, both technically and financially, to safely store Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from large emitters in Iceland. The companies will each look for ways to realize carbon neutrality in 2040, as stated in the announcement from the Government Offices.

The LoI was signed between the Prime Minister of Iceland, Reykjavík Energy, the Aluminium and Silicon Industry in Iceland (Elkem, Fjarðarál, PCC and Rio Tinto), the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Industries and Innovation and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. See figure above.

The CarbFix team is excited to take on this challenging task which could, if successful, be vital in the aim of reducing CO2 emissions in Iceland.

Hildigunnur H Thorsteinsson, Edda Sif Aradóttir, Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir og Bergur Sigfússon