The CarbFix 2 project


There are exciting times ahead for the CarbFix project - the CarbFix 2 project was officially started on the 1st of August 2017. The aim of the CarbFix2 project is to move the demonstrated CarbFix technology from the demonstration phase to a general and economically viable complete CCS chain that can be used through Europe and throughout the world. It is funded by the European Union through H2020.

The CarbFix2 project consists of seven distinct work packages (WP):

  • WP1       Project Management
  • WP2       Air Capture using waste heat
  • WP3       On shore injection
  • WP4       Off Shore injection
  • WP5       Economic/feasibility analysis of the entire CCS cycle
  • WP6       Dissemination and public engagement
  • WP7       Ethics

Five partners are involved with the project; The University of Iceland, CNRS in Toulouse, France, Amphos 21 in Barcelona, Spain, Climeworks in Zürich, Switzerland, and the project leader Reykjavik Energy, Iceland.

Read more about the CarbFix2 team here