CarbFix and Climeworks join forces with the world’s first negative emission plant using direct air capture


CarbFix and Climeworks have now joint forces through the CarbFix2 project, which is funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020, to open the first negative emission plant using direct air capture at the CarbFix injection site. The direct air capture (DAC) module is situated at the Hellisheidi Power Plant, where it captures CO2 directly from ambient air. The captured CO2 is released from the CO2 filters in the DAC module using low-grade waste heat from the geothermal plant. It is then dissolved in water, and pumped towards the CarbFix injection site at Hellisheidi where it reacts with the basaltic bedrock, forming solid carbonate minerals for safe and permanent storage. 

The testing phase has now officially started, including monitoring of the operation of the DAC module at the harsh weather conditions at Hellisheidi. There is a great potential of scaling up the joint efforts of CarbFix and Climeworks to create negative emission plants in Iceland and numerous other regions in the world where there is a similar geological foundation of basalt. You can read more about the Climeworks and the DAC module here.

The EU grant was received through Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 764760.