CarbFix at Goldschmidt


In August, many CarbFix members attended the annual Goldschmidt geochemistry conference that was held this year in Barcelona. This conference, among others, is an important way for us to present our project's results to the scientific community and network with fellow researchers!

One of the biggest highlights was the Urey Award medal ceremony and presentation of Eric Oelkers, who is one of our co-directors. The Urey Award is given by the European Association of Geochemistry to those who made outstanding contributions to geochemistry over a career. We were able to celebrate Eric's achievement one evening, which needless to say was filled with good company and enlightening conversation!

During a CCS oral presentation session, Deirdre Clark (University of Iceland) and Thomas Ratouis (Reykjavik Energy) presented monitoring and preliminary modeling results of the CarbFix2 project and Bergur Sigfússon (Reykjavik Energy) introduced the GECO project. This was followed by a CCS poster session where the posters of Chiara Marieni (CNRS), Marie-Anne Ancellin (University of Iceland), Martin Voigt (University of Iceland), and Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir (Reykjavik Energy) were popular spots for discussion about all facets of CarbFix. Based on this year's interest, we can only say that we look forward to future conferences!