CarbFix inspiring young scientists


Last summer Annika Day, an 11 year old girl from San Antonio, read an article about CarbFix  and became interested in the project. When she got the opportunity to visit Iceland in November 2016 she got in touch with us; her hope was that she could spend some of her holiday designing a Science Fair project based on CarbFix. Armed with questions, enthusiasm, and ideas, Annika visited the University of Iceland to meet some of the scientists working on the CarbFix project.

Together we designed a small scale experiment for her to run at home, using basaltic rocks from both Iceland and her home-state of Texas. This week she published the results at her school’s Science Fair – we are delighted to hear that she has won first prize! Congratulations Annika!

The idea that the CarbFix project is inspiring young people like Annika really encourages all of us working on the project and we wish her the best of luck in the San Antonio regional science fair.