CarbFix in the Media

CarbFix in the Media

The results of the CarbFix project have received worldwide attention. Following is a list of some of the media coverage the project has had in the past years


CO2 bliver omdannet til sten: Kom med til Island, der eksperimenter med klimaløsninger


21 Søndag


Storing CO2 underground can curb carbon emissions, but is it safe?

December 2, 2018



December 2, 2018



November 27, 2018



Innovative CO2 capture technology at geothermal plant could be applied elsewhere


Koldioxid blir till sten


Þingkosningar í Bandaríkjunum og loftlagsbreytingar

November 22, 2018



November 19, 2018



November 6, 2018 



Une entreprise aspire le CO2 et le transforme en caillou


Orkuveita Reykjavíkur fær 2 milljarða í styrk


This Natural Gas Plant Has Achieved Zero Emissions

October 22, 2018



September 30, 2018



July 3, 2018



Turning carbon dioxide into rock - forever


Can Sucking CO2 Out of the Air Solve Climate Change?


Gas Rocks! Mineralising carbon dioxide into rock

May 18, 2018



April 30, 2018



April 19, 2018






Why the Carbfix2 project is a big deal

Carbon A list – October 14, 2017

World‘s first ´negative emissions‘ power plant that turns CO2 into STONE switched on in Iceland

Daily Mail – October 13, 2017

Scientists capture carbon dioxide and inject it into rocks for permanent storage

Newsweek – October 13, 2017

CarbFix project in Iceland successfully turns carbon emissions

Tunisie Soir – October 13, 2017

700 meters below Iceland, a company may have found a solution to the world's climate woes

UpWorthy - October 13, 2017

The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Quartz - October 12, 2017

Revolutionary Equipment Turns Carbon Dioxide to Stone, Fighting Climate Change

Iceland Review - October 12, 2017

Iceland project marries carbon capture with geological storage

The Engineer - October 12, 2017

Climeworks flick switch on 'world first' atmospheric carbon capture plant

Buisness green - October 11, 2017

From thin air to stone: greenhouse gas test starts in Iceland

Reuters - October 11, 2017

Emissions: We have the technology

Nature - October 11, 2017

TV coverage on CarbFix project in Iceland – turning CO2 into minerals

Think Geoenergy - May 26, 2017

How carbon dioxide is being stored in rocks

CNBC – November 17, 2016

To combat climate change , these scientists are turning CO2 into rock

PBS NewsHour – August 23, 2016

These scientists are turning harmful excess CO2 into rock

WITF-TV – August 23, 2016

The Science Behind How These Geologists Are Turning Carbon Emissions Into Solid Rock

Forbes – June 28, 2016

Nature‘s CarbFix? Scientists claim to have found a way to store carbon emissions underground

Daily Maverick – June 14, 2016

Iceland is fighting climate change by capturing CO2 and turning it into stone

Digital Trends – June 13, 2016

Scientists turn CO2 into stone to fight climate change

The times of India – June 11, 2016

Underground injections turn carbon dioxide to stone

Science – June 10, 2016

CarbFix turns a power plant‘s CO2 emissions into rock

Engadget - June 10, 2016

Iceland Carbon Dioxide Storage Project Locks Away Gas, Fast

New York Times – June 9, 2016

This Iceland Plant Just Turned Carbon Dioxide Into Rock—and They Did It Super Fast

Washington Post – June 9 2016

How One Country Is Making Rocks Out of Air Pollution

National Geographic – June 9, 2016

How to Capture Carbon Dioxide From a Power Plant and Turn It to Stone

Los Angeles Times – June 9, 2016

Experiment Turns Waste CO2 to Stone

BBC World Service – June 9, 2016

In Breakthrough, CO2 Turned to Stone in Iceland

Guardian – June 9, 2016

Turning Air Into Stone

The Economist – June 9, 2016

Power Plant Turns Its Carbon Emissions to Stone

CNBC – June 9, 2016

In a First, Power Plant Turns Carbon Emissions to Stone – June 9, 2016

An Icelandic Power Plant Is Turning Carbon Emissions to Stone

Forbes – June 9, 2016

Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone

Scientific American – June 9, 2016

Iceland Power Plant Turns Carbon Emissions to Rock

Times of India – June 9, 2016

Deep Below Iceland, Scientists Turn Heat-Trapping Carbon to Stone

Japan Times – June 9, 2016

Iceland Carbon Capture Project Quickly Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Stone

Smithsonian – June 9, 2016

Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Rock, and Burying It

The New York Times – February 9, 2015

A Vault for Carbon Dioxide

Scientific American – December 1, 2013

New Storage Projects Turns CO2 into Stone

Scientific American – March 5, 2012

CarbFix: Revolutionary Tech Could Trap CO2 Forever by Turning It Into Harmless Rock

Inhabitat – September 7, 2011