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Carbfix Receives International Award

Last night Carbfix received the International Keeling Curve Award for their method of carbon disposal, which transforms gas to stone. This award annually recognizes pioneer organizations who have made notable success in diminishing the emissions or increasing the immobilization of CO2 to help fight climate crisis.

Scientist at work

The award ceremony was presented live online last night on the webpage of PBS – the Public Broadcasting Service. Several celebrities who have actively worked to raise awareness on climate issues took part, and supermodel, actress and activist Amber Valletta and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli presented the award.


We are thrilled to receive this award and we regard it as an important recognition of our work at Carbfix. Obviously, the world is calling for various solutions to the climate crisis. This award underlines that our method has tremendous potential to grow fast on a global scale,”  says Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir, C.E.O. of Carbfix. „Numerous interesting projects were nominated this year which made for fierce competition, and we feel very honored to have been chosen. We have seen an ever-increasing interest in the Carbfix method to carbon disposal and this award will hopefully increase awareness to the method as one of the scientific solutions applicable to the fight against climate crisis.“ 


The award is named after Dr. Charles D. Keeling, who began measuring the strength of CO2 in the atmosphere in 1956. He noticed that its strength was increasing each passing year. His results were among the first conclusive evidence for the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which he concluded were a result of mankind’s burning of fossil fuel.


The Carbfix method consists of dissolving CO2 in water under pressure and subsequently pumping the water to a depth of 500-800 meters into basalt strata, where the CO2 is permanently mineralized. The method has proven itself to be an economical as well as environmentally friendly way to permanently immobilize carbon. From 2007, Reykjavik Energy (RE) has led the development of the method in collaboration with the University of Iceland and several international research- and scientific institutions. ON Power, Reykjavik Energy´s subsidiary, has managed an abatement unit and injection unit at the Hellisheidi Power Plant for 5 years with impressive results. From 2019, Carbfix has operated as an independent subsidiary of RE.

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