Carbfix team

The Carbfix Team





Dr. Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir

Dr. Bergur Sigfússon

CEO Head of CO2 Capture and Injection





Dr. Kári Helgason

Dr. Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir

R&I Project Manager Head of CO2 Mineral Storage


Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. Eric Oelkers

Eric was born in New York City before moving to Boston to attend MIT to pursue an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Earth Science. Cured of a life in pure chemistry by a summer internship he moved to California to attend Berkeley for his PhD in Geochemistry. Following his degrees, Eric moved to Toulouse France.

He is currently the CNRS Research Director at the GET Laboratory in Toulouse, France, a Professor at the University College London, UK and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Iceland. He is also co-editor of Geochemical Perspective Letters. Eric's research focuses on developing the fundamental geochemical basis for sustainable growth and managing the Earth.

He has previously served as President of the European Association for Geochemistry, director of the Geochemical Society, co-editor in Chief of Chemical Geology, associate editor of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, and guest editor of Elements. Eric has made substantial contributions to the understanding of the thermodynamics and kinetics of water-rock interactions


Dr. Sigurður Reynir Gíslason

Sigurður (Siggi) Reynir Gíslason received his PhD in geochemistry from the Johns Hopkins University, under the supervision of Hans P. Eugster. He is a Research Professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland. He is the chairman of CarbFix, the initiative to store carbon in basaltic rocks. Siggi’s major scientific contributions are: 1) measurement of the dissolution rates and dissolution mechanisms of volcanic glasses as a function of glass composition, aqueous solution composition and temperature, 2) field and laboratory experiments related to mineral storage of CO2 in basaltic rocks, 3) quantifying the chemical/physical erosion rates of basaltic terrains and their contribution to the global carbon cycle and 4) measuring the environmental effects of volcanic eruptions.

Board of Governors

Gestur Pétursson - Chairman
Álfheiður Ágústsdóttir
Daði Már Kristófersson
Erling Freyr Guðmundsson
Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson

The Carbfix Consortium

Reykjavik Energy

Dr. Gunnar Gunnarsson - PhD, geophysicist and reservoir engineer at Reykjavík Energy.

Ragna Björk Bragadóttir - Engineer and research project manager at Reykjavík Energy.

Bryndís María Leifsdóttir - Head of accounting at Reykjavík Energy.

Dr. Vala Hjörleifsdóttir - PhD, specialist is seismology at Reykjavík Energy.

Thomas Ratouis - Reservoir engineer at Reykjavík Energy.

Nökkvi AndersenResearch Project Manager at Reykjavik Energy.

Magnús Þór Arnarson - EPC Project Manager at ON Power.

Ólöf Snæhólm Baldursdóttir - Communications Officer at Reykjavík Energy.

Hildigunnur H. Thorsteinsson - Managing Director of Research and Development at Reykjavík Energy.

Silja Y Eyþórsdóttir - Digital Media Specialist at Reykjavík Energy.

University of Iceland

Dr. Sigurður Reynir Gíslasson - PhD, research professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland. One of the founding members of the CarbFix project, and head of the advisory board.

Deirdre Clark - PhD student working under the supervision of Sigurður R. Gíslason at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland. Research involves laboratory experiments, numerical modelling, and geochemical monitoring of the on-shore injection.

Dr. Martin Voigt - Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland.


Dr. Eric Oelkers - Professor at University College London, and research director at CNRS GET-UMR 5563 in Toulouse, France. One of the founding members of the CarbFix project.

Dr. Chiara Marieni - PhD, Postdoctoral researcher at the CNRS GET-UMR 5563 in Toulouse, France. Focussed on CarbFix strategy sustainability and worldwide applicability, particularly through the study of water-rock interactions in presence of seawater, at high pCO2 conditions, and in several rock systems.

Active Parnters in Horizon2020 Funded Carbfix2 Project