Coring ongoing at CarbFix injection site


The CarbFix team is currently drilling a core well into the basaltic storage formation at Hellisheidi that COwas injected into in pilot scale injections in year 2012. As of October 29th the well had reached a depth of 500 m. Calcite precipitation has been detected at various depths of the core, some of which we believe to contain the CO2 injected in 2012 but this remains to be confirmed in further analysis of the core.

A large group of scientists is involved with the coring process as subsamples are taken as soon as a core part is retrieved to prevent oxygen contamination. The lithology of the core as well types of secondary minerals present is furthermore logged when the core reaches the surface.

The CarbFix team has already confirmed that between 80-90% of the CO2 injected in year 2012 had been mineralized within the storage formation within 1 year’s time. Calcite precipitation within a submersible pump in one of the project‘s monitoring wells has furthermore been confirmed to contain the injected CO2.