Field Trip

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Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change and some of the trips might be altered due to unforeseen events.

The short version for the planned trip is to leave early morning on September 13th. The bus leaves from the University of Iceland, Askja, and drives to Básar, Thórsmörk. After lunch, various hikes will be offered. In the evening there will be BBQ and entertainment. We will spend the night in Thórsmörk

Early morning of September 14th we will leave Básar and head for Landeyjahöfn harbor, from there we will take a 35min ferry trip to the Westman Islands. We will do a field trip around the island, have lunch, go to a volcanic museum (Pompeii of the North) and have a light dinner before heading back to Reykjavík. Estimated arrival time in Reykjavík is around 22:00.

Thursday 13th of September

  • 8:30 Departure from University of Iceland - Askja
  • On our way to Thórsmörk we will stop at Seljalandsfoss (waterfall) and Gígjökull (glacier)
  • Participants can choose between three types of hikes 
  • 20:00 Barbeque and various entertainment

Friday 14th of September

  • 7:00 Breakfast
  • 9:45 Ferry to the Westman Islands
  • Sightseeing around the island
  • Eldheimar museum (Pompeii of the North)
  • 22:00 Estimated arrival in Reykjavík

Equipment list


Please bring your luggage for the field trip in two smaller bags since there isn’t enough space to store regular suitcases for about 100 people in the hut. One can be left in Reykjavík and stored in a storage room at the University during the field trip. Travel sacks/duffel bags are preferred for the field trip. Laptops should preferably be left in Reykjavík.

Clothing and gear

  • Hiking boots – Good sturdy boots with a robust sole. Preferably waterproof.
  • Rain and windproof outer wear (jacket and trousers) - Preferably breathable fabric such as Gore Tex or similar.
  • Warm mid layer - Fleece jacket/wool jumper/primaloft or similar
  • Wool and fleece for inner wear - Long sleeve top and long johns. Thermal underwear made of wool or synthetics. NO COTTON, silk is OK.
  • Gloves and/or mittens
  • Warm hat - Wool or synthetics.
  • Thick socks, several pairs – For hiking, as well as comfy socks for the evening in the hut.
  • Slippers - For the hut (optional).
  • Sleeping bag, essential - Light sleeping bag with no specific temperature rating will be sufficient and a travel pillow (optional).
  • Small backpack - For food, drinks and personal belongings for the daytrip.
  • Flash light/head light
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Cash for the optional shower - Gas heated shower 400 ISK, bring coins for the automat
  • Ear plugs (optional but could come in handy when sleeping in a room with several others).
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Sea sickness medication – (optional), for the 35min boat trip to the Westman Islands