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Greta Thunberg curious about carbon capture from air

Greta Thunberg, climate activist and Nobel prize nominee, visited Climeworks at their CO2 direct air capture plant outside Zürich this week. Climeworks is one of the CarbFix2 project partners – and have together with CarbFix installed a direct air capture plant at the current CarbFix injection site at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant in Iceland. There, the world’s first carbon removal solution through direct air capture and subsequent mineral carbonation has been demonstrated and received world-wide attention.
Greta Thunberg was curious about the work Climeworks is carrying out in the development of direct air capture plants and got a tour of their facilities and introduction to how the CO2 can be permanently removed by mineral carbonation through the CarbFix technology from Jan Wurzbacher, one of the two founders and CEOs of Climeworks.

Image credit: Climeworksv

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