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A Large Horizon 2020 Grant for developing Zero Emission Geothermal Power Plants

CarbFix is excited to announce that Reykjavík Energy along with a group of 17 partners across Europe have received a EUR 16 Million grant from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovative programme.

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Press Release - ICC 2018

A Press Release regarding the International Carbon Conference 2018 was sent out to all major international news media.

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Scientific paper in Advances in Water Resources

"Multimodal imaging and stochastic percolation simulation for improved quantification of effective porosity and surface area in vesicular basalt" is a new scientific article published in Advances in Water Resources by Elsevier.

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Co-mineralization of carbon and sulfur

"Towards 'green' geothermal energy: Co-mineralization of carbon and sulfur in geothermal reservoirs" is a new scientific paper published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control by Elsevier.

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ICC 2018 in Energy Procedia

The International Carbon Conference 2018 will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland in September this year. The conference is a joint outreach meeting between five networks; CarbFix, S4CE, Metal-Aid, Deep Carbon Observatory and Carbon SAFE.

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CarbFix on BBC

BBC World Service recently published an article on how the CarbFix method turns CO2 in rocks - forever. The article by Valeria Perasso was published on 18 May 2018.

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Prof. Siggi Gíslason receives the C.C. Patterson award

Prof. Sigurður (Siggi) Gíslason, the head of the scientific committee and one of the founding members of the CarbFix project, has been selected to receive the C.C. Patterson Award for his work on CarbFix and volcanic hazards.

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CarbFix2 meeting in Zürich

The second face-to-face meeting of the CarbFix2 project took place in Zürich 18-19th of January.

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Climeworks and CarbFix2 in the media

The launch of the world’s first carbon removal solution through direct air capture in Hellisheidi last week has received world-wide attention.

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CarbFix seeking Research Scientists

Department of R&D at Reykjavik Energy is looking for two highly self-motivated research scientists to join the CarbFix team within the company.Department of R&D at Reykjavik Energy is looking for two highly self-motivated research scientists to join the CarbFix team within the company. The research scientists will work on quantifying and understanding processes related to re-injection of geothermal fluids and gases into the geothermal reservoir of the Hellisheidi co-generation power plant in SW Iceland. To this end, process flow data, a seismic dataset, fluid chemistry, tracer data and well log data as well as modelling studies are to be employed. Initial appointment for both positions is for 24 months. More information can be found here. We encourage all interested candidates to apply for the positions.

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