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Orca – where Carbfix began 

The construction of Orca in the Geothermal Park in Hellisheidi, Iceland, is well underway!

Now, all eight collector containers of the Orca plant have been mounted.

The collector containers are the heart of our plant: this is where the two step process to capture CO₂ from the air takes place. Having all eight collector containers mounted marks and important milestone in the consrtuction of Orca, as this is the starting point for all outside installations.

The next step will be to assemble the interconnecting piping to our process unit to prepare for the most complex step of the construction process — the installation of the process unit itself.

The injection site will be located where Carbfix‘s first pilot injections began in 2012 - and over 100 scientific papers have been written about Carbfix.

The facility will permanently capture and store 4'000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. When the first scientific research on Carbfix began, back in 2007 preparing for the pilot injections, few could imagine it would take us this far.

Now, combining Climeworks’ direct air capture technology with the Carbfix technology of turning CO2 into stone underground, we will be taking direct air capture and storage to groundbreaking new levels.

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