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Petrifying solutions in Iceland

Carbfix continues to catch the eye of the global media, as the Reuters Global Foundation News published an in-depth article on solutions being developed in Iceland.

The article discusses e.g. DAC, technological developments in the field, and Carbfix‘s collaboration with Climeworks and the new plant under construction here in Iceland. The article states that the process of capturing and storing is complex and energy intensive, viable in Iceland largely because of its huge and cheap supply of geothermal energy.

Although there are a handful DAC facilities in the world, Carbfix and Climeworks’ plant is the only one to offer permanent storage.

Climeworks has been gaining a number of well-known clients of late, making deals with companies such as Stripe and Microsoft. "Climeworks' direct air capture technology will serve as a key component of our carbon removal efforts," Elizabeth Willmott, Microsoft's carbon removal manager, said in a statement.

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