The CarbFix field injection is located at Hellisheidi geothermal Power Plant in SW-Iceland. The power plant co-produces electricity and hot water from the Hengill central volcano and installed capacity of 300 MW electricity and 120 MW thermal. Without gas capture and injection, the power plant would emit about 40,000 tons CO2 and 12,000 tons H2S. The CO2emissions amount to about 5% of what a coal fired power plant of the same size would emit. Currently about 30% of CO2 and 75% of H2S of the plant's production is being captured and injected into nearby basaltic formations, resulting in rapid and permanent disposal of the gases as carbonate and



Hellisheidi Power Plant. Photo: Arni Saeberg



Injection wells at Hellisheidi Power Plant. Photo: Martin Stute



Core from injection site showing CO2 bearing carbonate minerals within basaltic host rock. Photo: Sandra O Snaebjornsdottir.