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Want to reduce your emissions?

Carbfix offers consultancy services for customers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and identifies on a case by case basis the most favorable path to carbon removal and mineral storage. Three pathways can generally be pursued and Carbfix is actively working on all of them. All have been identified by the IPCC to be vital at for mitigating climate change.

Can I offset my emissions by turning them into stone?

Carbfix is actively working on issuing certified carbon credits for sale. The offset campaign will be launched late 2021 and will initially be based on capture and injection of biogenic CO2 in Iceland.

Our partner Climeworks sells carbon offsets based on CO2 captured directly from the atmosphere in Iceland which Carbfix turns to stone underground through its proprietary technology.

How can I make a difference in my country?

Help your local region reduce their carbon emissions and spread the word. You can search for CO2 emitters in your region and survey feasible areas using our Carbfix Mineral Storage Atlas. Dry regions that lack fresh water may still be good candidates. Carbfix has developed the scientific basis for using seawater to dissolve CO2 instead prior to injection. A field site demonstration of mineral storage using seawater is scheduled in the near future.

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