Review Paper in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment


The first issue of Nature Reviews Earth & Environment has now been published!

This paper features the review article "Carbon dioxide storage through mineral carbonation", written by Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir (OR), Bergur Sigfússon (OR), Chiara Marieni (CNRS), David Goldberg, Sigurður R. Gislason (UI) and Eric H. Oelkers (CNRS). Five of six authors are members of the CarbFix2 H2020 research and innovation project.

The CarbFix team is very proud of this major achievement!


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has a fundamental role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit anthropogenic warming to 1.5–2 °C. Most ongoing CCS projects inject CO2 into sedimentary basins and require an impermeable cap rock to prevent the CO2 from migrating to the surface. Alternatively, captured carbon can be stored through injection into reactive rocks (such as mafic or ultramafic lithologies), provoking CO2 mineralization and, thereby, permanently fixing carbon with negligible risk of return to the atmosphere. Although in situ mineralization offers a large potential volume for carbon storage in formations such as basalts and peridotites (both onshore and offshore), its large-scale implementation remains little explored beyond laboratory-based and field-based experiments. In this Review, we discuss the potential of mineral carbonation to address the global CCS challenge and contribute to long-term reductions in atmospheric CO2. Emphasis is placed on the advances in making this technology more cost-effective and in exploring the limits and global applicability of CO2 mineralization.


Link to paper: here