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Web-cookies are small text files that are stored on your web browser. We use web-cookies on our website to identify the users that visit our website. Usage of web-cookies makes it possible for us to provide users with an improved user-experience and to further develop and improve our website.

Web-cookies are used for varied purposes, however some of them are necessary for our website to function properly. The usage of the function-oriented cookies does not require the user’s approval, their usage is based on our legitimate interest in upholding the proper functioning of our website and its development.

Web-cookies with different purposes are also used on our website. These are primarily cookies that collect anonymous user traffic data, cookies that remember user settings and cookies that are used solely for marketing purposes. These cookies usually require the user’s approval for their usage. Some of the aforementioned cookies also have varying lifetime, certain cookies only last while the user is on the website while others may exist on the user’s browser for a longer period of time.

Persistent cookies and session cookies

The above-mentioned cookies may come in the form of session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies enable the website to remember your actions while you are on the website. Session cookies are however deleted from your browser when you close the website. Persistent cookies on the other hand are not deleted once the user closes the website. Their function is for smoother user-experience on the website, both when browsing and when opening the website.


First- and third-party cookies

Web cookies can originate either from a first-party or a third-party. Function-oriented cookies would usually be regarded as first-party other cookies while others, originating from Facebook or Google for example, would be considered as third-party cookies. First-party web cookies store the gathered information on our website, they usually serve analytical and statistical purposes by collecting anonymous data. Third-party cookies however collect information about users with the purpose of improving advertisements, monitoring the user as he browses and tailoring advertisements to his interest. The main distinguishing differential between these two types of cookies is their origin, first-party cookies originating from the website itself while third-party cookies may be from an outside source.

Specific type of cookies and their functions

Necessary web-cookies

Necessary web cookies are those who we deem necessary for the ordinary functioning of our website, their role is to guarantee that the websites functions as intended and the security of user-connections. Their usage is not subject to user approval and is based on our legitimate interests.

Statistical web cookies

Statistical web cookies monitor user traffic on our website with the purpose of analysing how many users use our website and especially how they use our website. This is done by collecting anonymous data, which are only used for the aforementioned purposes.

Settings oriented web cookies

These are primarily used to remember the user’s settings and preferences on the website and adapt the website to the user’s unique needs. The website may, for example, remember the user’s choice of language and website layout. Our website gathers this information and determines the preferred settings, either by the user’s location or remembering the user’s input.