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Zac Efron opens new Netflix series by visiting Carbfix

Down to Earth, a new TV travel show hosted by Zac Efron and Darin Olien, premieres on Netflix today. In the series, Hollywood actor and the wellness guru travel the world to learn about healthy and sustainable ways to live, as well as treating themselves with local food. Their destination in the first episode is Iceland.

Carbfix and their pioneering method of capturing CO2, transforming it to stone stored underground, gets an impressive coverage on the show, and the audience gains valuable insight as to how the process works. Dr. Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir, specialist in CO2 mineral storages, spent a day with Efron and Olien at Hellisheidi power plant where the Carbfix method was developed.

It is difficult to estimate the value of the coverage in this first episode for Carbfix. But for a small company trying gain presence in foreign markets to present their unique process – transforming harmful CO2 into harmless minerals and thus contributing to the fight against climate crisis – it just may prove priceless.

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