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Storage Terminal

Carbfix has identified strategic locations for the deployment of large-scale mineral storage hubs. These hubs are designed to receive large quantities of CO2 transported via ships or pipelines and turn it into stone underground. The first such storage terminal will be located in SW Iceland and will receive CO2 transported by ship from the UK and North Europe.

Mineral storage hubs have unique advantages


An expanding network of shallow wells onshore ensures operational flexibility and risk mitigation.


Injection operations can start small and capacity can be readily scaled up to several million tons CO2 per year by adding new wells as needed.

Low risk

The low up-front cost ensures low financial risk. Seismicity minimized and leakage eliminated.

A network of shallow injection wells allows a mineral storage terminal to be scaled-up in controlled manageable steps

Tested and proven monitoring techniques to confirm permanent mineral storage

Compared to conventional injection of supercritical CO2 into depleted oil/gas formations, mineral storage relies on shallow less costly wells with more relaxed material requirements for pipes, wellheads and casings. The gas is dissolved in water down-hole using a proprietary Carbfix technology.